Brilliant piece. Thank you.

I'm very vocal about being childfree by choice. I write about it regularly and have a dedicated Twitter account. My mission is to help reduce the stigma and help other childfree by choice people feel seen.

Some of my content is relevant for the childless, some isn't.

There can be quite a divide between the childless and childfree. Sometimes I feel the resentment with an air of "you can't complain, you've chosen not to have children."

My experiences are very different as someone who has always known I don't want children. But I still get stigmatized by society, interrogated, and told I'm incomplete and I'll change my mind... oh and I'm not a proper woman ....

I don't have the disenfranchised grief (and relief) of the childless. But I am very much ostracised from many tables ...

Thank you so much for writing such an important and honest piece. You are valuable as you are. Your ambivilance will hopefully help you.

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