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  • Caitlin McColl

    Caitlin McColl

    coffee snob, bookworm, proud introvert. mental health & mindfulness writer + fiction/nonfiction. Twitter: https://bit.ly/3DQAXq6 My Pub https://bit.ly/3sH4YH2

  • KiKi Walter

    KiKi Walter

    Writer/editor/memoirist/mental health advocate/nostalgic flibbertigibbet. Publisher of The Memoirist and QuickTalk (Dear KiKi). Top writer in Advice & Humor.

  • Brendan Christopher

    Brendan Christopher

    Overall, I aim to highlight how animal welfare issues are linked to humanity. But also to increase recognition for our fellow creatures.

  • Sarah Lyall-Neal

    Sarah Lyall-Neal

    Sarah Lyall-Neal, psychologist, writer, wife, and dog mom. Lover of self-help, faith, health, history, mystery, true crime, and all things books ❤️

  • The Pleasure Anarchist

    The Pleasure Anarchist

    Sexuality Educator | Childfree Infertile | Outspoken Feminist Philosopher | thepleasureanarchist.com | katy@thepleasureanarchist.com

  • Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore

    Editor at Index / Medium • Columnist at Marker • Open for work: stephen@sjmblog.com

  • Summer Anne Burton

    Summer Anne Burton

    Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Tenderly. Former BuzzFeed exec. Moomin. Texan. Vegan for the animals. 💕

  • Ana Barreiro

    Ana Barreiro

    Vegan; Ethical Digital Marketer

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