Hee hee, this made me laugh. But the truth is, there are many things parents say to those of us without children which are equally annoying.

So here's a list of the 8 most annoying things people with kids say to people without kids (by choice)

Hopefully, we can all learn and have a giggle together.

Maybe we can learn to listen to each other and support each other instead of allowing society to pitt us against each other.

1) You don't know the meaning of tired (regardless of if they are CFS, care for relatives, juggle 3 jobs etc). Imagine a parent of 2 kids said this to a parent of 1 kid. And then a parent of 3 kids said this to a person with 2 kids. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION.

2) You will change your mind (nope, most CF by choice folk have considered this in depth)

3) You will never experience love (love comes in different forms,)

4) Your life will never be fulfilled (fulfillment is reached through different paths)

5) What are you going to do with your life (LIVE IT)

6) You must hate children (some CF folk do, others love them and have a great relationship with them)

7) Who will look after you when you are older (not a reason to have kids)

8) You are missing out on the greatest experience of life (JOMO not FOMO. Greatest experience of life looks different for everyone.)

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