How Childfree and Childless Women Are An Essential Part Of Society’s Cohesion

Please stop attacking, criticizing, and othering the non-parents in this world!

Ali Hall
8 min readDec 27, 2022


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My jaws clenched as I continued reading to the very end. An article entitled Childless-By-Choice Women Are a Big Part of Society’s Deterioration* sent my emotions on a roller coaster ride.

It reads like something from Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey.

Initially, I felt anger. This anger turned to mild amusement before settling on feelings of pity. Pity directed at the author of the offending piece.

It makes empty and underdeveloped claims against the childfree. It reveres parents as heroes (even Christ-like!) while simultaneously brandishing people, correction — women — who choose to forgo reproduction as selfish.

I have known my whole life that I don’t want to be a mother. This offending article is problematic for many reasons.

This hostility to the childfree is commonplace. But the offending article doesn’t just attack the childfree; it is shamefully insensitive and cruel to the childless.

Articles like the offending piece widen the divide between parents and non-parents — whether they are non-parents through choice or circumstance.

Science has already evidenced ingroup favoritism between parents, which supports the lived experiences of many childfree and childless people.

Once I was done with my swearing, laughing, and then pitying, my fingers started itching with the urge to respond.

“Intelligent parents grasp the idea of living childfree and the value of this decision for them and their children, first and foremost. Only extremely stupid and inconsiderate parents want everyone else to pop out as many babies as possible.Dr. Verena Brunschweiger.

Why do people choose not to have children?

The author of THAT article links to this humorous and honest piece and refers to it as a “rant,” then the said author dares to state that this other writer’s reasons for not wanting children are inadequate.



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