I’ll say it again - absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to highlight so much. But didn’t want to disturb the flow of reading. I’ll go back in and highlight bits.

So honest. Although I am not on meds and I have no diagnosed illness. I am very prone to anxiety and extremes of mood. Perhaps that’s the empath in me. It really affects my writing flow too.

It’s so difficult to write when I’m low and sluggish. There are no stars or glitter to polish my words with. I can string words together very well in conversations let alone in written form when my head is in this space.

I can’t pretend to know the crippling impact your bipolar has on you. But by multiplying my experiences by 100 I get an inkling.

You are doing amazing. Rolling with the waves is perhaps the only option. No fighting it. No pressure on yourself to write whilst depressed. That’s a time to withdraw.

Thank you for being so real!

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