Is This the Luckiest Goldfish Alive?

Of all the gardens she could have landed in…

Ali Hall
4 min readJun 2, 2024
Photo by Hale Tat on Unsplash

Yesterday, my husband gave a goldfish CPR.

The great news is, the little fella survived. Ok, ok, it wasn’t quite CPR, but he did save his life.

The wee guy had somehow launched himself onto one of the lily pads in his pond and was lying motionless, gasping for air. My husband swears he was mouthing “help.”

Anyway, luckily, hubby noticed him before it was curtains time and came to his rescue by simply tipping him back into the pond, allowing him to swim back to his goldfish family.

You should hear my husband’s swagger. He thinks he deserves a meritorious conduct award. I mean, sure, he saved a life. But he didn’t exactly go out of his way. And let’s face it, they are our goldfish. It is our responsibility to make sure they thrive.

Put it this way. My husband is no Ben Beska.

Ben Beska is the hero of a lovely viral story on X. The jist of this story is that Ben found a stray goldfish and gave her a home.

A stray goldfish?

Yes, you heard that right.

On the 1st of June, a goldfish fell from the sky and landed in a garden in Northumberland, UK. Luckily for this goldfish, she was found…



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