Seth Rogan Speaks Out About His Life Choices, And People Are Applauding

Although if this question were posed to a parent, there would be uproar!

Ali Hall
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Image via Wikimedia commons — Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

“Some people want kids, some people don’t — a lot of people have kids before they even think about it.” — Seth Rogan

In a recent interview on The Diary of a CEO by host Steven Bartlett, Seth Rogan was given the Jennifer Aniston treatment.

By this, I mean he was asked about the status of his u̵t̵e̵r̵u̵s̵ ̵virility. The questions Seth endured are normally directed at women, so while, on the one hand, it is nice to see a man being asked these questions, I still don’t see the need for these questions at all.

But that said, and in defense of Steven Bartlett, Seth was the first to mention in the interview that he didn’t have kids. So I recognise this as an opening to be asked about his childfree position. Perhaps Steven Bartlett read my advice in my viral article where I said:

“Unless someone brings their children into the conversation or volunteers their desire to have children [or not], stay schmum!”

I find Seth beautifully humble in this interview. He is open and honest and comes across as someone who is self-aware and grounded. His laughter is both endearing and goofy and is highly contagious.

Seth talks openly about his struggles with self-doubt. And yet, he is certain about his and Lauren’s (his wife) joint decision not to have children.

Seth reveals that over the years, he and Lauren have revisited the topic of having children several times to check in with themselves and ensure they are making the right choice for them. This soul-searching is indicative of many people who decide to forgo parenting.

“The older we get the more happy and reaffirmed we are with our choice to not have kids”

In fact, Seth inadvertently challenges the whole “you can have it all” manipulative marketing BS when he…



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