Thanks Jill, sorry to hear you also experience this. I know exactly what you mean when you say it’s easier not to organise anything. But – who misses out? We do! So go ahead and organise, but only invite those your heart leaps at the idea of. We don’t owe anyone our friendship.

So, the other girls didn’t ask. I think we have all experienced similar poor behaviour and are all withdrawing a bit from her. But we haven’t spoken about it much. I just know no one who was there sees much of her anymore. But we don’t talk about it as such, as I guess we may feel it’s gossip, or talking about someone behind their back.

I also suspect everyone felt a little awkward when we saw her. But i can’t include someone just so they don’t feel bad. Who the reality is, Is not a friend, who repeatedly brings bad energy, drama and gossip. The rest of us would have been drained energy wise.

Given I was organising, I made the decision. If someone else was organising it’s their Decision. And even if one of the other girls was super close with her and asked either if she could come or why I hadn’t Invited her, I Would simply say “we aren’t really friends anymore, no fall out, we’ve just drifted”

I hope I have helped you get out with those whose vibes you relish and not waste energy on those who don’t give you the time of day. Have a lovely day Jill

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